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16-bit Tango Drum Scans

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A beautiful scan is the absolute key to making a great print. That's why we focus intensely on making the best possible scans for fine art printing, and why we use the legendary Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner. We give your photographs individualized attention so we can make the best scanning decisions for each unique photograph. And we do it with competitive pricing that gives you the most value for your dollar.

Scanning is both an art and a science. As a conductor must guide the symphony, great scans are the result of an experienced Scan Master who can get the peak performance from the hardware, software, and ICC profiles that are needed to make a great scan.

We have intensely tested our hardware, software, and profiles so that we can consistently achieve scans of the highest fidelity. In fact, our Expert Printmakers test our scans daily as they use them in our Custom Exhibition prints and Custom Files.

How to Send Us an Order

About Our Tango Drum Scans

  • How we mount your film
    We mount all film with KAMI fluid, NEVER oil. Film is cleaned with PEC-12 archival film cleaner before and after scanning. Read a step-by-step explanation of how we handle your film.

  • Our Tango can scan images up to 18x22 in size
    Prints, transparencies and negatives up to 18x22 can be scanned on the Tango.

  • We use custom ICC profiles to capture accurate color
    Our Tango scanners are carefully profiled ensure that each scan captures the richness in your original film.

  • We give individualized attention to each image we scan
    Each scan we do is given individual attention by one of our scan masters Jeff Grandy and Ron Iudice, our by one of our Expert Printmakers, who make careful adjustments to black point, white point, color and contrast, preserving all the information you need to make a good print.

  • The Tango delivers excellent D-max and Resolution
    The Tango’s 4.2 DMax, excellent shadow detail, and 10,780 maximum resolution, allow you to make large prints with detail that is unparalleled.

  • We scan without unsharp masking
    You have far more control over Unsharp Masking (USM) in Photoshop, so USM is always turned off on our scanner.

  • We can scan into any workingspace
    We can save scans into any workingspace you choose, including Adobe RGB, Ekta Space PS 5, or any other space you want. Our default is to save all color scans into Ekta Space PS 5, created by Joseph Holmes, which is the standard RGB space for fine art photographers. We use it here at WCI for our Custom Exhibition prints, as well as our personal work. After using it for tens of thousands of prints and scans, we find that it has a much better gamut that Adobe RGB, and responds to adjustments like curves in a very photographic way.

  • We can deliver your scans on CD or DVD for free--or if you need them more quickly, we offer Online Delivery.
    For no charge, we will save your scans to CD, DVD-R, or your USB/firewire hard drive. Please indicate your preference on your order form. If no preference is provided, we will burn your scans to DVD. Need your scans ASAP? For $15 per order, we can deliver your scans to you as soon as they are finished via our web delivery service.

  • Normal turnaround times
    We work on a first-come, first-served basis for Tango Scans. Our reputation is based on giving each image our undivided attention, and striving to make the best scan possible from each image. We work to complete each order as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. This said, turnaround generally runs 72 hours in-house, though our workload may dictate a longer turnaround. If you need your scans by a specific date, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Orders that require us to fall outside our first-come, first-served basis may incur a 100% rush charge. 8-bit scans larger than 300mb, 16-bit scans larger than 600mb, and scans of images larger than 4x5 may take longer.

    RUSH SERVICES: We offer rush services with prior approval, including same-day turnaround if we deliver your scans via our web server. Read more information on rush services and online Delivery.

Pricing & Discounts

16-bit Scan Pricing
100MB 35MB $24.95
200MB 70MB $39.95
400MB 135MB $49.95
600MB 200MB $79.95
800MB 265MB $99.95
900MB 300MB $109.95
1000MB 335MB $119
1200MB 400MB $139
1440MB 480MB $225
1600MB 535MB $275
8-bit Scan Pricing
50MB 17MB $24.95
100MB 34MB $39.95
200MB 67MB $49.95
300MB 100MB $79.95
400MB 134MB $99.95
450MB 150MB $109.95
500MB 167MB $119
600MB 200MB $139
720MB 240MB $225
800MB 267MB $275


Quantity Discounts*
1-14 No discount
15-25 10% off
26-35 15% off
36-59 20% off
60-99 25% off
100+ Call

Currency Converter
This currency converter is provided for your convenience, to help you estimate your costs. When you place your order, you will be billed in US Dollars. Actual currency conversion will be handled by your credit card company when we bill your invoice.

Deposit Required:
Due to the labor involved with scanning, a 50% deposit is required at the time you place your order, which we will bill to the credit card number you supply. The remainder is due upon completion of the job.

We must use a significant amount of materials to scan 8x10 and larger film. Therefore, we have a minimum scan charge of $49.95 per image for 8x10 or larger film. This charge does not apply to 6x17cm or 6x12cm panos. Please contact us for custom pricing if you have a large quantity of large film you need us to scan.

*Quantity Discounts only apply to "scan-only" jobs. It does not apply to Archive Scans and print orders. These discounts apply to the total number of transparencies or negatives included within ONE order. While we will work to complete your order as promptly as possible, there is no guaranteed turnaround time for scans with quantity discounts. If you need your order by a specific date, discounted pricing will not apply to your order. Quantity discounts may not be combined with sales or with any other offers. Quantity discounts apply to scans made from 35mm film, medium format film (645 to 6x17) and 4x5 images. 8x10 images do not qualify for quantity discounts. The quantity scan discounts listed above only apply to scans 100mb or larger - please contact us if you would like to scan a large number of images under 100mb. To qualify for quantity discounts, you must write the words "Quantity Discount" in the promotional code section of the order form. Orders without these words will be billed at our regular pricing.




We're proud to announce Version 5.0 of our famous RGB Tango Drum Scans, now available in 16-bit at the same price as our 8-bit scans!

What are Drum Scans Version 5.0?

Since 1999, we've used five distinct combinations of software and profiling techniques. Each new combination was adopted because it gave us a meaningful increase in scan quality. Drum Scans Version 5.0 uses new software and profiling techniques to give us the most accurate scans from color transparencies that we've ever seen, and it allows us to produce great scans in 16-bit color. While the Tango's superb hardware may make 16-bit overkill, it's increasingly the choice of customers who want to make sure they are getting every last bit of quality. By default, we scan every color transparency as a 16-bit file.

B&W Negatives

The Tango is an amazing scanner for B&W negatives, with unique capabilities. It can record astounding detail from the lightest and darkest areas of your film. Even severely under-exposed and/or under-developed film often produces results that you would swear came from a "perfect" negative. We've even recorded detail that was invisible to the naked eye; essentially "clear" film.

The Tango has a dedicated greyscale mode that uses a neutral density filter with its photo multiplier tubes. There is no need to scan into RGB (as many photographers do with CCD scanners) to capture a clean, noise-free scan with the most detail.

Color Negatives

Color negatives can be the most difficult film to scan. You'd think it would be as simple as inverting the data and removing the orange mask, but it's not. The orange mask is not simply a 40cc orange; it varies in density at every point in the photograph, depending on what is recorded on the film at that point. Variations in processing and exposure mean that the same settings for one negative rarely work for another, even if they are on the same film. And while color negative film is capable of recording great latitude, the highest quality scans consistently come from film exposed in "chrome light" and carefully processed.

Despite these challenges, we consistently produce scans from color negatives that are Museum Quality. We have three scanning software packages to choose, and can pick and choose which one works best for your film. It is not uncommon for us to scan your film using two different software packages so that we can choose which one produces the best results.

Scanning FAQ

What size scan do you recommend for my images?


35mm film

Larger film formats



RGB Greyscale
8-bit 100MB 35MB 300MB 100MB
16-bit 200MB 70MB 600MB 200MB

You should scan your image large enough for the largest reasonable possible use you anticipate. This eliminates the need for rescanning and reworking at a later date.

A 100mb 8-bit scan and a 200mb 16-bit scan are scanned at the same dpi, so they will resolve the same amount of detail. The 16-bit scan makes a file that is twice as large because it uses twice as many bits to define each pixel. The same is true for a 300mb 8-bit scan and 600mb 16-bit scan.


• Read more Scanning FAQ

• Read our step-by-step discussion of how we prepare your images for scanning

• Our scanning info sheet (PDF) provides more technical information on our scans.

Order Scans

Download our Scanning Order Form (PDF), and fill it out.

Then, send your completed order form and your film to the address below:

West Coast Imaging
40094 Highway 49
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Phone: 559-641-7338
FAX: 800-635-1640






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