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Metal Prints

Metal prints display your photographs in a modern style, with astoundingly rich color. Aluminum sheets are covered with a special coating, which allows us to infuse dyes directly into the surface, creating a beautiful depth and vibrance. Metal prints are available with or without a back float hanger or aluminum subframe.

View our All About Metal Prints info sheet for a detailed overview of the Metal Print Process and printing options.


White Base - White highlights and a traditional photographic look with the boldness and depth of color that Metal Prints are known for.

Clear Base - Clear base allows the underlying metal to show through. The base is a brushed aluminum with a reflective quality that gives an added depth and iridescence to your photograph. Even solid colors show this reflective iridescence. There are no true whites with clear base, your highlights will be the color of the underlying metal.


Gloss - A rich, high gloss finish provides the deepest and richest colors.

Satin - A low glare finish creates a softer and gentler effect.


Sharp Square - Sharp, crisp 90 degree corners. Corners are so sharp they can cut.

1/8” rounded - A soft rounded corner for float mount pieces and high traffic areas. Add $2

1/2" Standout back with hanger: $5 (12x18 and under) ; or $7.50 (larger sizes) each

3/4” Aluminum Subframe: $0.62 per linear inch, $35 minimum

Close-up view of a metal print with rounded corners.



Back view of a Metal Print, with a standout back and hanger.


If you are preparing your own files and using standard sizes, our sister lab Aspen Creek Photo will give you the best pricing and fastest turnaround. The process and quality are equal. The difference is ACP uses the ROES ordering software for file processing, whereas WCI processes every file by hand. That hand processing requires our most talented staff, and allows an infinite amount of customization and collaboration...but it also adds to the cost of production, as reflected in the prices below.

For our custom printmaking customers who work with our Master Printmakers to produce Master Files, ordering your Metal Prints through WCI means we will handle all the steps of production, including sizing and sharpening from your Master File, similar to how we handle our Exhibition reprints.

4x6* $11
8x10 $25
8x12 $30
11x14 $50
12x18 $57
16x20 $88
16x24 $99
20x30 $140
24x30 $200
30x40 $330
30x45 $375
30x50 $415
40x50 $550
40x60 $625

* this size available in white gloss with rounded corners only.

$40 per square-foot; 2 square-foot minimum per piece


8x10: $25

8x12: $30


Crates are required for pieces 30x40 inches and larger, or for those exceeding 40 inches on any one dimension. Up to two 40x50 inches can be shipped by Ground UPS or FedEx. Larger sizes, or large quantities of small sizes, may require freight transport.

30x40 Masonite Crate for Ground Shipping: $60 - Holds up to 2 pieces

Average ground shipping cost for 30x40 Masonite crate is about $50. We will charge you the actual price, based on the weight of your crate, and where we are shipping your package.


We can produce a wide variety of custom options including custom shapes, sizes, corners, mounting options, and more. Call our experienced staff and explain your needs to explore a custom look for your project.


Place your order using our online order form. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss your order.



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