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I received my prints and the anticipation and excitement of the wait is finally over however the excitement of looking at them has just begun. Here is my feedback on the prints:

All prints/ print quality and printmaking A+++++++++ outstanding work.

Earl Wheeler
Salisbury, North Carolina


So I recently began the process of looking at print services—more specifically, master printers, people who spend as much time getting the print just right as I spend getting the photo just right...That’s when I came across West Coast Imaging. Their site is really clear, and they seemed like they might be a good fit for me. So I e-mailed them with a few questions on Wednesday night, and first thing Thursday morning I got a callback from Terrance Reimer, a custom printmaker. We connected this morning and talked for 45 minutes, and I knew he was the guy (or at least the printmaker) for me. He was easy to talk to, happy to answer questions, passionate about photography, and enthused about my work, plus a photographer himself...

Liz Kuball (this is an excerpt from her blog)
Santa Barbara, California


I received the prints on Saturday (amazing!) and they are gorgeous. Thanks for all the help and great communication. This was another wonderful WCI experience.

Russ Bishop
Ventura, California


"I wanted to thank you for the fantastic prints that I received from you. They look great and I am more than happy with them. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and making sure that I would be happy with the final prints.

Chris Wong
Citrus Heights, California


"I just received my panorama print done on your supergloss paper. I had delayed sending my photo to have it printed because so many other places make it very difficult with all their rules about profiling, formating or whatever rules their require for their lowest price. I was recommended to you from Calypso in Santa Cruz since they are closing and they had looked for someone else to take over their business. They made a great recommendation! My panorama of the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland came out fabulous! I left it to your guys to correct as they saw fit and they did a great job for about 25% of the cost of other places for the same kind of work! Excellent work. Same as others that I've paid 5 times as much for the same top quality!

I was especially pleased with all the care that came in your packaging for shipment. Being a long panorama, I expected it to be difficult to lay flat out of the package, but it was flat as soon as I unrolled it. Well done. My question about uploading was answered on the phone by an individual who genuinely soundly like he cared and wanted my business. Expect more reprints of this order and many new pictures now that I have found your place! Thanks for your good work!"

Chris Brown
Santa Maria, California

"I have been having a wonderful experience working with your company on a series of prints. In particular, I would like to call out Terrance Reimer who has been an absolute delight to work with. His knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm has not only made my experience enjoyable, but has clearly set a standard for which customer service is all about. He is quick to respond to any of my needs/issues, explains things clearly on the possibilities of each print, and has exceeded my expectations on what my negatives were capable of. With his extensive background in photography, he was quickly able to relate to some of the concerns I had with my photographs and on how he could improve them. Each step of the way he has beyond the call of duty.

I will only come to WCI for all my future scanning and printing needs as it is clear the service you provide deserves it and by the fact that you have excellent employees, like Terrance, on your team. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience."

Shailendra Dhanoa
Morgan Hill, California

BeforeRaw Scan of Dhanoa's 8x10 T-Max Negative

AfterSame Image, after interpretation by Expert Printmaker Terrance Reimer

"We began working with West Coast Imaging three years ago after a lot of frustration with other imaging shops, and we have never looked back. We sell hundreds of Fuji Crystal Archive prints every year through our gallery, and the praise we hear from our clients regarding the quality of these prints is constant, and that is where it matters most. 
In short, West Coast Imaging consistently does excellent work, and as important, is excellent to work with. They are not just business partners, they are friends. Hard working, always friendly and ever courteous--you would think they were all Nebraskans."
Michael Forsberg
Lincoln, Nebraska

Photo copyright Michael Forsberg

I have just received my first Exhibition Print order from you, and it was way above all expectations. The color, tonal quality and sharpness was right on my original visualization of the composition. Please give my thanks and compliments to the printmaker - outstanding.

David Armstrong
Hammond, Louisiana

To my good friends at WCI - I just wanted to let all of you know that after years of hard work my website is up and running. I could not have done this without all of your help and support. The quality of your work is simply superb. Thanks for doing such an outstanding job on my prints, and for your wonderful customer service. Frankly, I consider my relationship with all of you at WCI more as a friendship than a business.

Doug Meek
Stevenson Ranch, California
Photo copyright Doug Meek

Dear West Coast Imaging - I feel like I've been in a coma because the last time I shot professionally, it was strictly a wet-darkroom process, and now that I'm shooting again, it's a dry-lightroom digital process. I thought the power of Photoshop, with good drum scanning techniques, would produce a matching print of a properly exposed 4X5 chrome. I spent over $700 with three Atlanta labs trying to get a Chromira print to match my chrome. I was becoming so disappointed with the prints that I began to wonder why I even bothered to pick up the camera again. In my desperate internet search for photo labs, I found your website, read about all of your services, but was mostly impressed with the profiles of the employees/photographers.I sent West Coast Imaging the same 4X5 chrome that Atlanta could not print match, just to see if WCI could even get close to matching the shadows, midtones, highlights, density and color. I expected another disappointing print, but since your website said photographers would be working on my chrome, well maybe, just maybe, there was hope. I received a test print and the original 4X5 chrome back from Michael Jones, did a side-by-side comparison, and screamed! I could only take my eyes off that print long enough to look back at the original chrome and see, for the first time, an actual exact copy of all that shadow, midtone, highlight and color detail I had come to love about the original chrome. West Coast Imaging has earned all of my business. My framing store called a few days after I received the test print from you, to see if I would do a one-man print show in September. I now had what I needed, and that was the confidence in a highly professional, dedicated group of talented and vision oriented individuals who could actually make my chromes sing. If I had not found West Coast Imaging first, I would have said no to my first print show. I used to dread the disappointing printing phase of my 4X5 landscape photography, but West Coast Imaging has made the final print just as exciting as when I get new chromes onto the light table. It's my childhood Christmas all over again!Thanks to all of you there at West Coast Imaging!

Michael S. Mead
Roswell, Georgia

Having been disappointed with the local professional labs, I decided to FTP my files for an upcoming show out to WCI for printing. The file transfer process could not have been any easier, and the prints exceeded even my extremely high standards. I am one VERY satisfied customer... I just finished going through the 15 prints I had made, and they are SPECTACULAR!! I am positively thrilled with the quality - I keep going through them, and love them more with each review. Thanks, thanks, THANKS to everyone at WCI - the quality of the work you guys do continues to amaze me.

Scott Rosenberg
Richardson, Texas

I downloaded the scan and must say it looks great. I’m sure I can get the result I want from it without a second scan for the highlights. Despite the fact that I am in Australia, I will be switching to your lab for scanning from now on, as a result. Thanks for the excellent work.

Richard Van Hoesel
Reservoir, VIC - Australia

Terrance - I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was to work with you on the large prints. Your perception, persistance and kind words were all part of making this process a constructive learning experience for me. It is a privilege to work with someone with such a high level of professionalism and generosity of spirit. Thank you so very much - I look forward to more of the same in the future.

Patricia Wilder
Victor, New York

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much I appreciate your work. We have several local labs we could use, and several in-house desktop scanners, but for critical projects, we send our images to you for scanning. The quality, resolution and color accuracy you deliver can't be beat. I also sent along a few jpegs so you can see the scans you made on the covers of some of our university's publications. Thanks again for your consistently excellent work. Your commitment to quality makes my job easier.

Brad Phalin, University Photographer
Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio

Thank you for your amazing professional work and your unbelievable turnaround. The quality is superb and is exactly what I am looking for in my final output. WCI makes my hard work shine!
Micah Luke Albert
Folsom, California

I received my pictures today. I was absolutely thrilled with the results and completely blown over by the teams ability to match exactly what I saw the days I took these pictures! It almost brought tears to my eyes. I have been one of those fledgling photographers since I was a kid of 11 years old. Now at 43 to see what can come from my eye and your lab is really something special.(These words) really in no way represent how I felt when I cracked open that box with my/our pictures. It was really uncanny to see the results you came up with because, even though you may have the chrome to look at, you weren't there at 6:00AM that freezing cold morning in Jackson. Yet, you got it! Thanks again for your incredible attention to the details in my images. I look forward to sending you more work soon!
Ted Capener
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear all West Coast Imaging Staff,
Just got back from overseas and wanted to say that the prints you did for me are absolutely brilliant. I have had stuff printed in England and Japan before but the quality of the prints came nowhere near the prints that you produced. Thanks again for doing such a magnificent job.

Brendan Rodgers
Sagle, Idaho

Just wanted to thank you for the newest tutorial on Color Range.  This technique is the most valuable/powerful Photoshop technique I have ever learned!  It has made making selections fun, and I have made some dramatic improvements to my images.  Thank you so much for this tutorial and keep them coming! (Receive these Photoshop tips in your email box.)

J. Paul Moore
Nashville, Tennessee

I always appreciate the work your guys do. Excellent is the only word I can use to describe it. Everyone tells me that there is no one else on the island that has the same quality of printing as I do. I've got several more images to do, but probably not until I return from Tasmania in September.

Robert Teague
Kailua, Hawaii

I just got my scan in the mail yesterday and I'm speechless. There were things in my negs that I had never noticed before. They are beyond beautiful. I'll be sending a file back soon for prints. Thanks!

Chad Lancaster
San Pedro, California

Hi Melanie, thanks again for your help and professionalism. Also please pass along thanks to Laurie who also responded to me. The level of customer service you and your co-staff/company has given has been exceptional (David too)! It's a joy to do business with a company that has the same priorities and expectations as my own.

Dana Clemons
White Mountain Photography
Bartlett, New Hampshire

Hey David - You did 3 prints for me and I was totally blown away. Best prints from a slide I have ever seen. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail - I am one very happy customer and have shown your work to several friends who are also photographers. Thanks again and I will be using West Coast Imaging for all my future printing needs. (Photo copyright Ian Dicker)

Ian Dicker
Sudbury, MA

I am really impressed by the quality of the scans that Jeff sent me. I cannot detect any difference between the 8 bit and 16 bit. The Tango scanner, the profile, and the software you use is definitely better than anything out there.Ryan Geschwindt
Doylestown, PA

"This was my first order, and all I can say is WOW! The images jump off the prints just like they do when they sit on the lightbox. I will definitely be sending you more work in the future."

James Wolfe
Lancaster, California

"I like the fact that you work with me discussing options and comparing different transparencies to see which would print the best."Chuck Haney
Whitefish, Montana

"The prints were great, the color is very saturated, the contrast is minimal, and the clarity surpasses Ilfochrome. The end result is a print that exceeds the original transparency."Denny Thurston
Boise, Idaho

"You have a great staff, a great product, and the best website of the many I’ve visited."

Mark Young
Southlake, Texas

"I worked with Melanie and found her to be professional and personable, answering ALL of my questions, and deliveing a wonderful print. I would even consider her a new "Friend" if such a thing is possible having never met her in person. Keep her!"

Gavin Hougham
Chicago, Illinois

"Personal attention to my orders could not have been better. I was treated in a way that made me feel that my images were as important as those of some of your more well known photographer customers."

John Neely
Westhampton Beach, New York

"Probably the best customer service I’ve ever received in the photo industry. Seriously."

Jamie Kripke
San Francisco, California

"I’ve had a few scans done, and now some prints. I’m really happy to have discovered WCI. Your prices can’t be beat, and the quality is excellent. I’ve had nothing but friendly service and I look forward to using WCI more frequently. Keep up the great work."

Jonathan Winton
Brooklyn, New York

"This was my very first try at fine art digital printing. One of my slides was over 10 years old, faded, with color cast and dust. I cannot believe, even with the wonderful prints being in front of me, what you guys have done! Incredible!"

Sanjiv Patankar
Ridgewood, New Jersey

"Your scans are consistently cleaner than those I’ve received anywhere else."

John Radigan
Wickliffe, Ohio

"West Coast Imaging recently printed 22 landscape images for me for a gallery exhibition...And the results were spectacular. This was my first experience with West Coast Imaging...Melanie from the WCI staff was awesome, she put in so much effort to make sure each image was as perfect as it could be. Almost as if she had photographed the images herself. WCI is my new lab for my landscape images."

Jay Sousa
Merced, California

These are excellent prints from slides more than 20 years old. Almost all of my photos since 1985 have been on negative film, because I was not able to get good prints from slides. That is no longer the case. Your digital methods really make a difference. Thanks!

William Stripling, Jr.
Vicksburg, MS

As always, WCI has done a superb job on everything from receiving, scanning, printing, collaboration, shipping and billing. You guys are first class. Kudos to Melanie--Great work!

Greg Adams
Roanoak, VA

Thanks for the great job. I already ordered reprints and anticipate working with you often in the future.

Tom Lippert
Chanhassen, MN

Dear West Coast Imaging - I’m converted! I got my first prints back from you today and I am very happy. I had seen some of your prints at the David Ashcraft Gallery, but I wasn’t sure if your print quality would translate into success for my lower resolution (based on 35mm slides) images. I had to up-res significantly (from 100 ppi to 360ppi). I wanted to see if I could stretch my limits to 30x40. I am very pleased with the results. My prints have never looked even close to this good before. The colors are true to the originals. On top of that, dealing with your staff was hassle-free (which I really appreciate). I dealt with three different people, and they were all friendly and knowledgeable. It was obvious that my prints had been handled with care in printing, packaging and shipping. I am entering my first photo contest/exhibition with three of the images, and I now have prints that I can be proud to show. Thank you.

Jason Thomas
Endless Trail Photography
Fresno, CA

I discovered WCi in March 2002. I was working on the first public showing of my photography, and the prints coming from (my former) lab just were not cutting it. Either the colors weren't true, there was too much contrast, they were cropped improperly, or the original feeling of the photo was lost. I found the WCi ad in the back of Outdoor Photographer magazine, so I sent them a chrome to see what they could do. I shoot very saturated color films (Velvia and kodak e100 vs) and the proof print they sent me was absolutely beautiful. I was so awed by it that I stared at it for hours in shear unbelief. I had in my hands a perfect replica of my original transparency. Every Exhibition Print I've ordered since has affected me the same way. At last, I have prints that look just like my slides--no hit and miss. It's right on, every time, time after time. The customer service is the greatest. All of the people I've come in contact with seem like people I've known all my life. I've not encountered one negative attitude. All of them are cordial, caring, and involved in making the best print possible for me. They are really a good group of folks. Thanks WCi!!!

Al Kimble
Shreveport, LA

Early in my training to fly the high-altitude reconnaissance U-2 airplane, it became clear to me that few EVER had seen the sights I was now privy to – the earth from above 70,000 feet.
Photographing from that environment provided unique challenges, to say the very least. I researched, and then acquired the necessary professional equipment and film to turn my interest in photography into something potentially special. The next year and a half was spent, literally, pioneering high altitude photography as I had no professional experience base before me to draw upon. Eventually, with the use of slides, I was able to begin capturing the world from my unique perspective. The earth has many different faces around the world.
The next year was spent with different "professional" imaging establishments explaining to me that my slides, though beautiful, were too much of a challenge for their "pro’s to bring to print. On average, one of every 10 prints I received was acceptable. All I desired was for the print to look like the slide. Period. The prints I was receiving were flat, dull, and off in color. One establishment explained they could not economically spend the time on my prints with $100,000 customers in line behind me. How frustrating after all my experimenting and expense to be told the slides would never become accurate prints.

A friend informed me of West Coast Imaging. I sent them 5 very different, challenging slides to be scanned and brought to print. I asked if they could simply make the print look like the slide. Their scanner and Master Printer went to work. I received 5 incredibly striking prints. Brilliant and precise, they managed to bring to life, beyond my expectations, the captured sights of the transparencies.
West Coast Imaging passed on all five prints. They achieved results that other professional imaging establishments could not. They are my only choice for handling my unique and demanding needs.

As my photographs have been viewed by others, some viewers involved with the U-2 program for over 20 years, the consensus is there have never been such beautiful photographs depicting the view from the cockpit in the 40+ year history of the plane. West Coast Imaging literally made aviation photograph history, and continues to with each order I send.
(Photo copyright Jeff Olesen)

Jeff Olesen
Major, USAF

Sorry for the delay getting back to you about the final print but the customers could not come over until today and I wanted to let you know what they thought. They love it! It looks great! It will be the show piece in their living room hanging above their mantle. It is going to be hard for me to give it up. Hopefully I will sell another one soon and then I will order two, one for me and one for the customer. Anyway, thanks for all your help and attention to the details.

Aaron Jakabosky, New Morning Photography
Ashland, Oregon

I just wanted to let you know that the prints arrived yesterday and I think they are excellent. I am amazed that a 5 meg pixel camera can make a print as large as 16x20. The result is wonderful. Now that I know what the camera and West Coast Imaging can do, I will be sending more. Thanks for your help. Bob Smith
Fairfax, Virginia

I have received the proofs...and I love them!! The artistry of what you all do for photographers is outstanding. Please thank everyone involved.

Douglas McFaul
Miami, Florida

Just received the two Exhibition prints you made for me and they are absolutely gorgeous. Please extend my thanks to whoever managed my images for the obvious care they took in rendering them exactly to my instructions. I am very particular about print quality and I couldn't be more satisfied. One of the images was previously printed by a high quality lab as a type "R" Super Gloss print and I have to say that the Light Jet print blows it away in color saturation, contrast control and sharpness.

Dave Dillemuth
Houston, Texas

As always, your services and products are second to none. I have tried other labs that charge as much or more that do not even come close to your standards for excellence. Keep up the good work!

Briggs Allen
Bristol, Virginia

"The Images are incredible, but more importantly, working with (West Coast Imaging) has been an absolute dream. It's been better than any lab I've worked with." (Photo copyright Jack Dykinga)

Jack Dykinga
Tucson, Arizona

I've received many compliments on the quality of the prints. Michael in particular has been helpful in all regards from imaging to expediting printing. Keep up the high standards and fine work!

Steve Behrend
Warrenville, Illinois

I am very pleased with the prints West Coast Imaging did. The piezographs were fantastic! Everyone to whom I showed them was amazed at the dynamic range and the contrast. I was particularly impressed with the knowledge and attentiveness of the staff. When I consulted with the printer (Terrance, I think) over the phone, it was like talking to an old friend.

I will continue to do business with West Coast Imaging. In fact, I am off next week to Wyoming to photograph an elk hunt, hopefully there will be more work for you afterwards. In any event I'll be back in Yosemite the first week of December and will make every effort to stop by your office and meet all of you in person.

George A. Fueredi
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The print is the best reproduction I have ever seen. You will be making all my prints in the future. I haven't given the print to the client yet, but know if I am this impressed the client has no worries. Jay Goodrich
Vail, Colorado

"Thank you to Ron, Michael and everyone else at West Coast Imaging who worked on my "test" prints. You've passed the "test." The prints were EXCELLENT and Michael was very responsive and helpful in following my cropping requests from the jpeg he sent. You folks do superior custom work and I couldn't be more pleased. I will be sending additional transparancies in this series right away."

C. Peter Jorgensen
Tunbridge, Vermont

" You're right-the prints are terrific! Terrance does a really good job doesn't he? I'm really glad I responded to that initial postcard with the 16x20 special offer you sent me a little over a year ago. I want you to know I appreciate the time you took to explain some of the same things over and over again when I had a hard time understanding the whole digital process. Thanks for being so good at what you do."

Leslie Gertie
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Tomorrow I go into my client to hand over the London/New York prints received today, and to review the print testing I've been doing. I've compared the same images across conventional R-Type prints, Iris (Giclée) prints; and a London lab that is just starting to offer Lightjet prints. Your work is the best, and I have a recommendation here that we place the lion's share of a (large) print order with West Coast Imaging. Well done, at the end of the day it's your quality that has counted." (photo copyright David Henderson)

David Henderson
Datchet, Berkshire - United Kingdom

"I have had two prints done by West Coast Imaging and am totally pleased with both. I plan on sending more slides once I figure out which ones are to be printed, and where they should go in our home. The prints are truly spectacular and far outshine any other lab/process."

Mark Boranyak
St. Louis, Missouri

"I am exceptionally pleased with everything about my recent order. The print is nothing short of fantastic, in addition to the fact that I was notified on receiving my order and its final shipment. The careful method of packing the print and orginal slide was very much appreciated. I am one of the first members of the photo group for the Contax G rangefinder cameras...The Contax crowd tends to be obsessive about resolution (Zeiss lenses), and they were really impressed to see that digital technology was giving Ilfochromes a run for its money. I had some large Ilfochromes made by (a well known company) in Maine. I layed the West Coast Imaging digital print beside them and had to honestly say that the digital print had more detail. They were very similar with all the rich, deep color, but the digital print just had more detail. I was floored and very happy, because I know it is infinitely repeatable. *And* digital prints are actually less expensive."

Lincoln Michaud
Las Cruces, New Mexico

"Thank you for the follow-up. The extreme contrast range in the slide that I sent to you made it difficult to get a satisfactory print through conventional printing / processing methods. I was very pleased and amazed with the print that I received from your company. The results were outstanding."

Rick Nelson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"I just want you to pass on to whomever worked on my print a big thank you for a job well done. I was extremely pleased with the color rendition and detail you captured. Your artistry makes me look like a better photographer than I know I am."

Robert Saccomanno
Glassboro, New Jersey

"I received my prints today via fed express. Could you please relay to the people involved in making them that they look GREAT. I think you did a wonderful job of faithfully reproducing all the pictures and in following my instructions for printing them on the (portfolio) pages. Thanks to you all for taking the time to do it right the first time!!"

Phil Schermeister
Sonora, California

"I would like to let you know that the 16x20 print you just produced for me of "Aspens in Colorado" is fantastic! You guys know your business, and I appreciate it. I am very pleased with the image. Thank you!"

Slavomir Dzieciatkowski
Bellevue, Washington

"I'm still at work, so I have not had a chance to compare (the West Coast Imaging print) to my (smaller) Ektacolor at home. But already I know what he answer is going to be: "Superior. Much superior". Great job guys! You are going to be hearing from me again, shortly.

Bob Ayers
Palo Alto, California

p.s. There are shops that I could deal with here in Silicon Valley, an easy drive away, that offer Tango scans and CrystalArchive prints. I sent one an exploratory email and did not get a reply. You-all seem to believe that the customer is important. That's the way to get business and keep business.

"The scans are great and the all-important customer service exemplary."

Claude Fiddler
Crowley Lake, California

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