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Staff Portfolios

Our staff is comprised of photographers who are constantly pursuing their own vision. Take a look through our featured staff portfolios below.

Jeff Grandy
You know Jeff as a master of our Tango Drum Scanner. When he's not making scan decisions at West Coast Imaging, Jeff can be found capturing the Sierra landscape with his medium format camera. His work is represented by the Ansel Adams Gallery and the David Ashcraft Gallery. Visit his website.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones
At West Coast Imaging, Michael Jones is one of our Expert Printmakers, making prints for a wide variety of clients, with an even wider array of needs. Outside of WCI, Michael has built a reputation for being one of the best portrait and wedding photographers in the Yosemite area. Visit Michael's website.

Terrance L. Reimer
Before becoming a West Coast Imaging Expert Printmaker, Terrance Reimer worked as a photojournalist for a newspaper in Northern Ohio. He now pursues a more artistic slant with his documentary photography, which has been featured at the David Ashcraft Gallery, as well as in many magazines and television shows. Visit Terrance's website.

Rich Seiling
A pioneer in digital imaging since the early 1990s, Rich's photography experience includes commercial photography, photojournalism and fine art photography. After working as a curator at the Ansel Adams Gallery, he founded West Coast Imaging in 1997. Rich's fine art landscape photography can be seen at The David Ashcraft Gallery, as well as in personal collections across the nation. View his website.




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