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Terrance Reimer - Custom Printmaker

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Since 1999, Terrance has been making fine art digital prints for some of the most renowned photographers of our time including Jack Dykinga, Robert Glenn Ketchum, and countless others.

“We are working with the best. We see how high the bar is, and we continue to push above that bar in quality, service and knowledge,” Terrance said.

“Nothing beats the real-world deadline experience of making the quality prints our clients demand every day.”

Terrance came to West Coast Imaging after spending 12 years in the world of PhotoJournalism. As a photographer for a Northwest Ohio Newspaper, he won many Associated Press awards for his unique documentary style. A summa cum laude graduate of Ohio University, Terrance studied photography and art history.

“My diverse knowledge of photographic history, processes, and media gives me a dynamic range that lets me go seamlessly from high-end digital work to documentary work in the same breath. And it also allows me to speak with experience, because I’ve done it and I’ve seen it all.”

Today, he continues to document the world around him, photographing whatever captures his interest—mudbogging in the Sierra Nevada foothills; neon signs and unnoticed icons along Route 66; and an ongoing project documenting popular culture in America that he works on daily.

His personal photographic prints were recently featured at the Fresno Art Museum.

“It’s the act of doing that makes you a great printer. Nothing beats that experience,” Terrance said. “We lead our industry by making the best prints possible of our own art, and using that knowledge to make the best prints for our clients. You have this knowledge at your fingertips. I give it to everyone, whether they’re an amateur or an established professional.

"We’re here to help. We’re here to inspire. We’re here to share.”



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