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Michael Jones - Custom Printmaker

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Ask Michael Jones about his trip to Glacier Point in the middle of winter, when he and his tent became buried beneath a foot of snow; or about the 14 times he’s climbed Half Dome; or about his countless trips into the Ansel Adams wilderness as a camp staff member; or about growing up on the shore of Bass Lake. You’ll quickly learn that in the two decades he’s lived in the Yosemite area, Michael has experienced nature first hand--and he understands how to translate that experience to a fine art print.

"I understand light and exposure and what sunset light looks like, and what clouds look like after a storm. So I can see an image and understand what that person was feeling when they were there, and how I would want that translated to paper."

As a West Coast Imaging Custom Printmaker, Michael has printed thousands of photographs, making the vision of hundreds of photographers a tangible reality they can share. He says the key to making a successful print is communicating with the client to understand what they are seeking in their print.

"If we didn't talk to clients, we might as well hit the "auto" button on curves. There would be a formula for every image; and every image would come out looking like the last one," Michael said. "We talk to our customers and find out what they want the image to look like. Every image is treated as an individual and unique photograph."

Michael has broad experience in the field, photographing landscapes, portraits, weddings and commercial projects. But his true passion lies in the darkroom.

"I enjoy the darkroom more than shooting. I like creating something tangible, and the ability to have the peice of paper to show when you're done," he said. "I especially enjoy my client's response when I ask permission to go beyond the sample print they sent me--when I know there is so much more potential for the image, and matching their sample print is limiting the capabilities of the original. They are always amazed at what the scan captured, and what can be pulled out of their film to make a beautiful print."

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Michael dangling over Yosemite Valley (no, we did not Photoshop this).

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