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Melanie Crutchfield

Melanie Crutchfield brings unique expertise to her job at West Coast Imaging, with her knowledge of printmaking, output devices, our products and services, and our internal workflow. She uses her experience each day to solve complex problems, and provide innovative solutions to West Coast Imaging's clients and staff.

Crutchfield's tenure at WCI began in 2002, and includes making thousands of prints as an Expert Printmaker, working full-time in our print finishing department, and serving as a primary troubleshooter. As a natural outflow of her knowledge, Crutchfield inspired thousands of photographers with her series of "Pixel Podcasts," which teach the intuitive printmaking techniques that West Coast Imaging employs.

In 2008, Crutchfield relocated to San Diego, where she continues to expand her roles and duties for WCI. From her remote location, she works as a specialist on projects that need additional support; helps educate clients; and serves in many behind-the-scenes roles. A core member of our product development team, Melanie brings her expertise to new products to ensure they work smoothly for both clients and staff.

"I'm constantly looking for new ways to teach and inform our clients," Crutchfield said. "My purpose is to empower photographers through the services at West Coast Imaging."

Contact Melanie via email; twitter and our WCI Facebook page.


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