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Jeff Grandy - Scan Master

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"We consider every image one at a time. We don’t scan in batches using generic settings, just to keep workflow going. We scan so the photographer can make the most of the images they worked so hard to capture."

With 25 years experience photographing the landscape of Yosemite, the Sierra Nevada and the Eastern Coastline, Jeff knows what goes into making a beautiful photograph. When he joined our staff in 1999, we hired him based on his knowledge of photography and his aesthetic understanding of light.

"The images that we scan are about artistic expression, regardless of the type of image they might be; studio, landscape, architectural or fashion. And I’m out there making my own artistic expressions. I haven’t shut myself into a building as a scanner operator, and that’s where my knowledge of the image ends. I am making my own images, and that keeps me constantly aware of light, shadow and the nuances of photography."

Being a staff photograph for 14 years at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park gave him an understanding of the level of quality galleries expect from photographers.

"My standards from a scan perspective are automatically raised to the gallery level. I understand that the beginning (the scan) has to be as good as the end result (the print)."

Jeff has scanned tens of thousands of images on our Tango Drum Scanner. His images are constantly being reviewed by our imaging department, who use his scans to make our Standard and Exhibition Prints every day. This constant feedback means we are constantly refining our scanning process to deliver scans that will make the best prints possible.


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