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Do you want us to make changes to your image? All you need to do is ask.
At West Coast Imaging, we can specialize in making prints that look the way you envision. This article walks you through how to analyze your image BEFORE you send it to us, and give us clear direction on how you want your final print to look.

Why I Went Digital
One photographer's testimony on why he gave up traditional printing, and started printing his images digitally.

The Master Image Philosophy
Why it's helpful to make ONE excellent scan of your image, then use that scan for many purposes.

Thoughts for Underwater Photographers
If you've been frustrated by prints from your originals, you'll be amazed at what digital imaging can do for your photography.

Medium Format Versus 4x5
One is portable, one makes a bigger piece of film--but which is the best to use? A photographer's musings on how digital imaging has affected his perception of the film formats. 

Capturing Color Images in the Digital Age
by Michael Frye

Photography has changed. Have you changed too? Until recently, I hadn’t. Despite my fervent conversion to digital printing, I wasn’t fully taking advantage of the new technology. But I finally caught on. I realized that having a great-looking transparency isn’t the goal any more—or at least not the only one. Sometimes I just need to capture enough information to make a good print. Click to read more.


Learn about Robert Glenn Ketchum's Newest Book and His Experiences With Digital Printing
Read about Robert Glenn Ketchum's newest book: Wood-Tikchik Alaska’s Largest State Park, and learn about his transition to digital printing with West Coast Imaging.

Robert Glenn Ketchum featured in PDN - West Coast Imaging Delivers Files in Under 24 Hours
When PDN called Robert Glenn Ketchum, needing digital files for their next issue in less than 24 hours, he wasn't sure how he could meet the deadline. Read how his call to West Coast Imaging allowed him to meet his deadline--landing the cover of PDN, and helping him further promote the preservation of this irreplaceable park.


West Coast Imaging featured in PDN (Photo District News)
Read the article


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